Stretches and Self Care 

For further information on self care advise, stretches or strengthening exercises please click on the links below.

The Benefits of Massage 

Self care for soft tissue pain and injury 

Massage Aftercare

Neck and shoulder stretches and self care

Lower Back stretches and self care

Common causes of soft tissue injury

The repair process of a soft tissue injury

The benefits of an active healthy lifestyle

The effects of exercise on the body

The importance of healthy eating and hydration

The use of Ice for Soft Tissue Repair

The use of Heat for Soft Tissue Repair 

Tennis Elbow

Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome 

Achilles Tendon strength exercises  

Inner Thigh strengthening exercises

Inner Thigh stretching exercises

Ankle strengthening exercises 

Arm strengthening exercises 

Arm stretching exercises

Back strengthening exercises

Chest strengthening exercises

Chest stretching exercises 

Core strengthening exercises

Glute strengthening exercise

Glute stretch exercises 

Hamstring strengthening exercises 

Hamstring stretching exercises

Hip strengthening exercises

Hip Stretches

IT Band exercises 

Lower leg strengthening exercises

Lower leg stretches 

Quad stretching exercises

Quad strengthening exercises 

Plantar Fascitis Stretch 

Shoulder strengthening exercises

Shoulder stretching exercises

Please note this information is intended as a guide only if you have any concerns about your symptoms please seek medical advise. If you are in any doubt as to whether the exercises are suitable for you please check with your GP before proceeding.